Leena Bolton, BA, CBS, LSH, CNHP, QLEC (Owner and Founder of Journey to Wellness)

  • BA in Psychology

  • Certified Biofeedback Specialist

  • Licensed Spiritual Healer

  • Certified Natural Health Practitioner

  • Quantum Light Energy Coach

  • Master of Light in BioGenesis

Leena is an alternative health practitioner in Germantown, Tennessee. She offers a wide range of wellness therapies to fit the specific individual needs for each client. Leena’s experience, compassion, commitment and vision are what make her center unique and inviting. Her knowledge and experience are vast and extensive, which allows her to provide the highest level of support. Her diverse background and education in multiple wellness modalities allows her to offer many options to choose from when beginning or continuing your quest for wellness. Her compassion and commitment to helping each client feel better is genuine and helps motivate clients to accomplish their goal to “feel better.” Her extraordinary ability to communicate her genuine dedication to wellness is one of her strongest attributes coupled with her steadfast belief that each person holds the ability to guide their journey and to create the outcome they desire. While visiting with Leena, one will experience renewed hope and a new awakening of the sacredness of their personal journey to wellness.