photoBiofeedback stimulates the body’s immune and energy systems in order to promote energy flow, while releasing stress previously caused by imbalanced frequencies. Psychologists use it to help tense and anxious clients learn to relax. Specialists in many different fields use biofeedback to help their clients cope with pain and other ailments.

photo(1)At Journey to Wellness, we use the INDIGO Biofeedback System and in approximately five minutes, the INDIGO Biofeedback System can simultaneously detect and record information about a client’s stress reactions. The INDIGO Biofeedback System reveals a client’s voltage, amperage, resistance and other electrical calculations, which may be important indicators of wellness.

Different lifestyle factors, which could be contributing to the body’s overall stress load, are reflected in the sessions. Information about reactions to over 11,000 subtle stress related signatures and physiological parameters are reported for client education.

The biofeedback system functions in a multitude of ways, it can send signals to measure and record electro-physiological reactions to a multitude of items, re-educate certain muscles, nerves or organs or it can retrain areas of the body / mind to healthier patterns. In other cases, it can invert certain signals, which seem to be closely associated with a stress pattern.